Modernization of Special Airworthiness Certification

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Other MOSAIC links:

The Federal Register document (fine print, 90 pages long)
       This is actually the easiest format to read the proposed regulations (near the end on pdf page 74):

Reference to the 54 K limit in the proposed FARs in the above document:
         § 22.100(a)(3) (page 78) and § 61.316(a)(1) (page 84)

List of vintage aircraft that currently fall under LSA rules:

An unofficial website that explains various medical requirements:

LSA information and suggestions on how to comment:

LSA information and suggestions on how to comment:

Videos on MOSAIC

AOPA - Dave Hirshman

Other videos

FAA links:

Current Federal Aviation Regulations:

LSAs - Light Sport Aircraft

The FAA's List of vintage aircraft that currently fall under LSA rules:

CFR - LSA Airworthiness Certification - CFR § 21.190:


CFR - Medical Certificates - CFR § 61.23:

CFR - The rule that allows flying with only a driver's license to:
     Exercise the privileges of a Sport Pilot in a Light-Sport Aircraft - CFR § 61.23(c)(1)(ii):

CFR - Private Pilots flying under Basic Med - see paragraph i - CFR § 61.113(i):

CFR - Basic Med - CFR Part 68:

Sport Pilots

CFR - Sport Pilots - CFR Part 61 Subpart J:

CFR - Flying as a Sport Pilot / Flying an LSA - CFR § 61.303:
     Includes rules for flying with only a driver's license
     See § 61.303(a)(2)(ii)(A)(1) for a private pilot ("At least a recreational pilot...") flying under this rule

CFR - Sport Pilot Limitations - CFR § 61.315:

CFR - Sport Pilot Instructors - CFR Part 61 Subpart K:

Sport Pilot Training links

Sport Pilot Airplane and Flight Instructor Practical Test Standards 2014
This is for both the Sport Pilot and Sport Pilot Instructor:
Free pdf from FAA

     Paper book:

Sport Pilot Airplane (SPA) Airman Knowledge Test Prep
Free pdf from FAA (only 10 pages)

     Paper book published by the FAA (no answers) (50 pages)

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