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At the August 1, 2018 Board Meeting the following was discussed:

Proposed: Putting before the membership for vote a revision to the ByLaws revising Article XI. Elections

1) Changing the appointment of the Nominating Committee from July to January.
2) Changing the Nominating Committee to canvas members seeking those who may be interested in an elected position from the current July-October to January-April.
2) Changing the month of Elections of Chapter Officers and Chapter Board of Directors from November to May.
3) A one-time provision to extend the current officers and directors positions six months (from 2 years to 2 years six months) to accomodate these changes.
3) Changing the wording of other ByLaws as necessary to accomodate these changes.
4) This would move the current November, 2019 election to May, 2020.

The intent of these changes would be to provide for more members to make themselves available for positions as Officers and Directors since it has been found that during the current months of July-November there are not as many members in town (due to traveling, hunting, etc.)

An official notification to the membership will be forthcoming.

Updated August 2, 2018

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