EAA Chapter 42 Young Aviators

The Young Aviators—recently formed by the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) Chapter 42—is for young folks in Alaska whose interest and passion for aviation goes beyond that of their EAA Young Eagles flight. Our group gives kids from ages 8-18 the opportunity to be a part of the aviation community on a regular basis and learn more about aircraft and flying.

We are modeled after the Young Aviators of EAA Chapter 43 in Colorado. Through the Young Aviators, Chapter 42 members and aviation professionals share their passion for aviation by conducting fun, educational activities for aviation-minded youth and parents.

In early 2023, we will begin the ground training (i.e. “ground school”) portion of what a pilot must learn to fly. We will augment ground training curriculum with fun activities, presentations, and tours led by pilots and aviation pros. We will also practice flight training through the use of home-based simulators and on-line group flights over Alaska.

Later, we plan to build aviation-related projects in support of the hands-on youth aviation activities at the 2023 Great Alaska Aviation Gathering and other aviation-related events in Alaska.

Our first meeting will occur at 2:00 PM Sunday, January 21, 2023, at a location in Anchorage to be announced. Plan to join us!

For more information, contact Scott McEwen, Young Aviators Coordinator, EAA Chapter 42, at 303-895-5058 (mobile) or wsmcewen@gmail.com

Page updated December 15, 2022