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Future Events

May 28th 2024 - Tuesday 7:00 PM
Chapter Meeting

Where: Domke's Hangar @ Merrill Field, Slipstream Hangar A-2, 1812 E 5th Ave, Anchorage

Slipstream Hangar A-2, near Lake and Pen Air. Turn off E 5th Ave onto Wilbur Cir. Gate access instructions to be determined.


  1. Welcome, Intros & Projects
  2. Chapter Elections - Nominees:
    • President - Chris Gill
    • Co-VPs - Scott McEwen & Anson Moxness
    • Secretary - Mark Frischkorn
    • Treasurer - Ed White
    • Director 1 - Lars Gleitsmann
    • Director 2 - Vickie Domke
    • Director 3 - Chuck Hosack
  3. Vickie and Dan Domke will provide a tour of their hangar and aircraft projects

Sunset at 23:15

June 1st 2024 - Saturday
Fly-in/Drive-in to Quartz Creek (JLA)

Where: Al and Beth Clayton’s beach house at Quartz Creek Cove

See road map and directions and Google Earth view with some pins detailing Quartz Creek airstrip near Cooper Landing and Al & Beth Clayton’s beach house at Quartz Creek cove. Come by road or on floats to my beach, or on wheels to Quartz Creek (JLA). Join us there any time after 3pm, Friday, May 31. If you want, bring a tent and stay overnight for some lies around the campfire; or, camp under your wing at JLA or on some not-so-level bits of our beach. Find us at the Clayton Fire Pit on the gravel beach just south of JLA and east of the outlet of Quartz Ck.

Generally, we have a breeze from the south off the lake that knocks down mosquitos, viruses and other pests. Note the alternate location to park your floatplane if the breeze becomes frisky. My beach is very friendly for floats without a south wind and unfriendly with that south wind.

We have a fire pit, BBQ grill, refrigerator, tables and some amenities. We have lot of flat rocks to skip. Bring your own chair. Bring an extra folding table and a canopy if you’ve got one and coming by road. If some coming by road are willing you might provide ground transport from JLA to our place to avoid the .75 mile walk from the tiedowns at JLA.

Cell service is good at Sunrise Inn and JLA, but spotty at our cabin. We can monitor 122.9 for calls for that transport. Also call Al at 9072501649 or Beth at 9072503038.

An RSVP to Al would be super.


  • Friday afternoon evening arrivals ok? YES
  • Camping Friday and Saturday night? YES
  • Tent Camping at Lake and Airfield? YES Any room for RV's ? NO
  • Transportation to / from Quartz Creek? YES. AL and FRIENDS WILL MONITOR 122.9 AND SHUTTLE FROM JLA TO BEACH HOUSE
  • Fishing / Boating opportunities? NO FISHING / YES BOATING (Klamath, canoe, kayak)
Quartz Creek
Quartz Creek

Sunset at 23:22

June 5th 2024 - Wednesday 7:00 PM
Board Meeting

Where: Las Margaritas

Board Meeting Join us at Las Margaritas Mexican & Italian Restaurant at 541 W Dimond Blvd (on the north side of Dimond between Arctic and C Streets). When you walk in, turn left into the front room that is separated from the main dining area and we'll be on the right. So come, get your margarita and nachos and we will talk about aviation and do some Chapter business. As always, all Chapter 42 members are invited and encouraged to attend.

Sunset at 23:29

June 8th 2024 - Saturday 9:30 AM
Chapter Breakfast

Where: Kava’s Pancake House

Breakfast Our monthly Saturday breakfast is at Kava’s Pancake House at 100 Muldoon Rd. Great food and great conversation. See you there!

Sunset at 23:34

June 22nd 2024 - Saturday
Chapter BBQ

Where: Bernie's Hangar, South Sylvan Road, Meadow Lakes

The Chapter will provide the meat, buns, condiments.

Bring a side dish or dessert to share, beverage of choice, & chair(s).

Address: 1501 S. Sylvan Rd Wasilla, AK 99654, about 1 hour from Merrill Field, but well worth the drive! From the Parks Highway take Sylvan Rd. south at the intersection with Pittman Rd. (which goes north). Scroll down for maps to his home.

Maps forthcoming ...

1st map 2nd map 3rd map

Sunset at 23:42

June 25th 2024 - Tuesday 7:00 PM
Chapter Meeting

Chapter Meeting - Moved to Saturday, June 22nd, at Bernie's property in Wasilla.

Sunset at 23:42

June 29th 2024 - Saturday 9:00 AM
Young Eagles Rally

Where: Birchwood Airport

Come join us for our annual June Young Eagles Rally @ Birchwood Airport. We'll have a great time giving kids their first small airplane experience. The smiles are an amazing reward for the time invested! More details are forthcoming!

Sunset at 23:39

Apr 23rd, 2024 - April Meeting @ Lake Hood SimCenter

18 of us enjoyed a marvelous time at the Lake Hood SimCenter. Daniel Mendez (CEO) was a great host, sharing about his background, his formation of the SimCenter & sourcing the sims, expounding on services provided by the new SimCenter, and serving a tasty array of snacks and beverages. If you missed it, check out the SimCenter at www.aksimcenter.com

April 2024 Meeting

April 2024 Meeting

April 2024 Meeting

April 2024 Meeting

April 2024 Meeting

April 2024 Meeting

April 2024 Meeting

Apr 20th, 2024 - EAA Chapter Trailer Maintenance

Thanks to all who showed up to perform maintenance on the clubs trailer this past weekend. Bearings were packed, contents were inventoried, trailer was washed inside and out, and we’re ready for our next adventure! All this was done under Spring sunshine at Ed’s hanger in Birchwood.

Chris Gill

Trailer Maintenance

Trailer Maintenance

Apr 20th, 2024 - Trailer Maintenance Day

6 of us met at Ed White's hangar in Birchwood four about an hour & a half to check tires & bearings, inventory BBQ grill & supplies, inventory banners, and clean the trailer inside & out.

The trailer is roadworthy. We need NOT buy any more cups, plates, napkins, forks, spoons, or knives for at least 1, if not 2 years.

Thanks to all who helped!

Apr 13th, 2024 - April Breakfast

10 of us enjoyed another fine breakfast @ Kava's! Not in pic: Tim, Andrew, and Scott.

April breakfast

Mar 26th, 2024 - March Meeting - Dave Gillespie

Dave Gillespie was superb, sharing lots of Herc teckie details. One attendee later responded: "Great show last night! Gonna be tough to top that. Or even equal it."

There were 16 in attendance.

March 2024 Meeting

March 2024 Meeting

Mar 6th, 2024 - March Board Meeting

Board Meeting
Chuck and Ed discuss Chapter matters

Feb 27th, 2024 - February Meeting - Bob Edison

Our own Bob Edison shared stories with photos and video of his experiences flying charter flights in the Philippines and around Denali. All 18 of us really enjoyed Bob's great, entertaining presentation!

Chuck Hosack brought a survival kit and an Icom handheld transceiver for our drawing. Winners were Anson Moxness and Jim Moss, respectively.

We recognized and thanked several Chapter 42 officers & volunteers who were present, handing out EAA certificates and service pins:

  • Chuck Hosack - former Secretary. Current Technical Counselor and Flight Advisor for many years. Meeting host at Alaska Aviation Museum for Huey and Norseman tours
  • Chris Gill - current Secretary, emcee, meeting planner, and meeting host
  • Ed White - current Treasurer since 2015. Young Eagles Coordinator and Eagle Flight Coordinator for many years. Chapter asset storage. Meeting host at his Birchwood hangar.

We also recognized Walter Yankauskas for building our wonderful website containing all sorts of info about our Chapter, from upcoming events to past events with photos; a repository for Board minutes and Chapter documents, an inventory check-in/check-out system for our assets (scales, engine hoist, chapter trailer, grill, banners); Chapter member profiles (planes, projects, skills), and Young Eagle volunteer status. Thanks, Walter!

We'll follow suite for other officers and volunteers, as well as for Young Eagle pilots & ground crew, at subsequent meetings.

Bob Edison

Bob Edison

Bob Edison

[click here for] Denali video
YouTube video of flying through "747 Pass"

Bob Edison

Bob Edison

Bob Edison

Bob Edison

Jan 23rd, 2024 - January Meeting - Chris Gill's Smith/BBI SuperCub Build

Chris Gill hosted our January meeting in his garage ... er ... SuperCub Factory, complete with a great custom-made edge roller. Chris and Lisa were great hosts, providing water and sweet snacks. And heat!

Chris' plane review included a 6-page handout of notes and "deets" (i.e., details). Chris has the wide-body kit from BBI Aviation (Nick Smith Jr. & Sr.) out of Thorndale, Ontario. He has the seaplane package, including left door. Chris just hung an Aero Sport O-375 (195 hp) and will use the Catto 84x43 prop. He covered details about project history & goals, build issues & helpful resources, build log organization & dating photos, fuel system, instruments ("Don't buy early"), covering plan, etc.

An organized, very informative meeting, indeed, for both homebuilders and all of 10 of us present!

Chapter Meeting

Chapter Meeting

Chapter Meeting

Chapter Meeting

Chapter Meeting

Dec 9th, 2023 - December Breakfast

December 9, 2023 at Kava's

Nov 28th, 2023 - November Meeting - Northern Lights Avionics

Gary Bennett, with son, Cody, hosted our November Chapter meeting at his business, Northern Lights Avionics, located on Merrill Field. Gary briefed 14 of us on features, options, and pricing of Garmin avionics relevant to experimental aircraft. He talked in detail about the:

  • GI 275 - An electronic, touchscreen instrument, fitting into a 3 1/8" cutout, that can be configured as a Horizontal Situation Indicator (HSI), Course Deviation Indicator (CDI), Multi-function Display (MFD), Engine Information System (EIS).
  • G5 - An electronic flight instrument system (EFIS), fitting into a 3 1/8" cutout.
  • G3X - An EFIS with display options in 10.6", 7" landscape, or 7" portrait. And many interface options.

November 2023 Meeting

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5 - May 2024
Tue May 28
7 PM
Chapter Meeting
Domke's Hangar @ Merrill Field, Slipstream Hangar A-2, 1812 E 5th Ave, Anchorage
6 - June 2024
Sat Jun 1
Fly-in/Drive-in to Quartz Creek (JLA)
Al and Beth Clayton’s beach house at Quartz Creek Cove
Wed Jun 5
7 PM
Board Meeting
Las Margaritas
Sat Jun 8
9:30 AM
Chapter Breakfast
Kava’s Pancake House
Sat Jun 22
Chapter BBQ
Bernie's Hangar, South Sylvan Road, Meadow Lakes
Tue Jun 25
7 PM
Chapter Meeting
Sat Jun 29
9 AM
Young Eagles Rally
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Northern Lights Avionics
Northern Lights Avionics
940 Merrill Field Dr, Anchorage 907-277-4811