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Future Events

April 28th 2020 - Tuesday 7:00 PM
Chapter Meeting

Where: Tom Lawhorn's Video Feed

Chapter Meeting - Tom Lawhorn will have two presentations for us:
Tom will provide a TIG welding presentation and show us his Glastar at his home.
We are going to try this with video. Tom is going to record most of the presentation part, then we will open up a live portion without dangerous UV, hot metal and sparks where we can ask questions and BS as a group.

Sunset at 22:00

May 6th 2020 - Wednesday 7:00 PM
Board Meeting

Where: Most likely a video conference

Board Meeting Join us at a video conference. When you walk in, turn left into the front room that is separated from the main dining area and we'll be on the right. So come, get your margarita and nachos and we will talk about aviation and maybe do some Chapter business. As always, all Chapter 42 members are invited and encouraged to attend.

Sunset at 22:21

May 9th 2020 - Saturday
Valdez STOL

Where: Valdez

Postponed to June 26-28

Valdez STOL

Sunset at 22:29

May 9th 2020 - Saturday 9:30 AM
Chapter Breakfast Get-Together

Where: Golden Corral near Tudor and C street

Breakfast Our monthly Saturday breakfast get-together is at the Golden Corral near Tudor and C street. Great food and great conversation. See you there!

Sunset at 22:29

Mar 25th, 2020 - Bernie’s Canadian Arctic Adventure

Bernie created an excellent four-part video of his flight across the Canadian Arctic. He posted this for us to see online in lieu of our regular monthly meeting yesterday. Enjoy!
Bernie’s video

Mar 5th, 2020 - Chapter Officer and Director Elections

To: All EAA Chapter 42 Members
From: Rick Henry
Re: Chapter Officer and Director Elections

Hello EAA Chapter 42 Members:

At our May 26, 2020 Chapter Membership meeting we will have elections for all Officer and Director positions in our Chapter. I have been asked to canvas the membership to seek those who may be interested in an elected position. These include all of the following:

Vice President
Directors at Large

The current Officers are listed on this page: Eaa 42 Officers

More information about the process and the duties of each position can be found on our website here: Eaa 42 Bylaws

Our current Officers and Directors have served in their positions for several years now and it’s time to offer other Chapter members the opportunity to serve in a position. Some current Officers and / or Directors may wish to continue to serve in their present or other capacities, but they will be part of the election process with other nominees.

I’m sure you would agree that our current Officers have done an exemplary job and we owe them a hearty “Thank You!” for their tremendous efforts and dedication to our Chapter.

I encourage you to consider helping keep our Chapter active and vibrant by ‘stepping up’ to be considered as a nominee for the position(s) of your choice. Please contact me directly if you have any questions or would like me to add you to the list of nominees.


Rick Henry
Cell: (901) 336-5827 (Pls. Note my cell area code is nine-zero-ONE from TN, not 907. Thanks.)

Jan 12th, 2020 - 2020 Dues

EAA Chapter 42 members:

I’d like to put out a ‘friendly reminder’ to encourage you to help your Chapter by paying your dues for 2020.

It’s very easy using the PayPal links near the bottom of this page: EAA 42 Dues page

Thank you! Rick Henry

Dec 14th, 2019 - Bob Edison receives Master Pilot Award

Tonight Bob Edison received the FAA's Wright Brothers Master Pilot Award for 50 years of safe flying. Congratulations Bob!! Bob Edison

Oct 27th, 2019 - Tools for Sale

A previous Chapter president Tim Rittal has contacted me that he has a few tools for sale. If you are interested, contact Tim directly at: tim@timrittal.com 907-248-2249:

"Any reasonable offer"

-- C-frame riveting/dimpling tool, a 1/4 “ chuck air drill (photo attached) $200 replacement cost
-- 1/4” chuck air drill (Jacobs Multi craft from Taylor Pneumatic Tool co) $120 replacement
-- US Airtool rivet removal tool $52
-- Various rivet gun attachments

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4 - April 2020
Tue Apr 28
7 PM
Chapter Meeting
Tom Lawhorn's Video Feed
5 - May 2020
Wed May 6
7 PM
Board Meeting
Most likely a video conference
Sat May 9
Valdez STOL
Sat May 9
9:30 AM
Chapter Breakfast Get-Together
Golden Corral near Tudor and C street
Tue May 26
7 PM
Chapter Meeting
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