Past Events - 2006

May 6th 2006 - Saturday 9:00 AM
Alaska Airmen FedEx Trade Show

Where: FedEx Hangar

    When you see Jim Moss, thank him for all the work he did organizing, manning, setting up and taking down the chapter booth at the Alaska Airmen's Trade show at the Fed Ex hangar.

Sunset at 22:19

May 30th 2006 - Tuesday 7:00 PM
Chapter Meeting

Where: 3511 Postmark Drive

Chapter Meeting - Tues May 30th - A week later than normal. 3511 Postmark Drive

Harman's Repair Station - 223-1955

This is a pallet, igloo and strap for air cargo repair facility that offers other out services like sandblasting, sewing, etc. It is a Part 145 repair facility for air cargo equipment.

While it is not a GA, or Part 135, 121 type operation, Don has built a Pitts Special and can offer A&P advice and would be a good contact and supporter of the Chapter.

He is located at 3511 Postmark Drive between the Post Office and the FedEx simulator training facility, behind the DHL building directly across from the FedEx Cargo Hub facility.

To get there:

Go down Northern Lights to Postmark Drive and turn left (south) proceed for appox 1/2 mile past the FedEx Simulator and onto the DHL building at 3511 Postmark Drive. Go to the south of the building along the driveway, once behind the DHL building turn left and go to the smaller grey metal building at the end of the parking lot and you are there.

Don is a graduate of Embry Riddle and can offer advice on metal, and fiberglass work.

Here is his website:

Sunset at 23:17

June 10th 2006 - Saturday
How to control insurance expenses

How to control insurance expenses

It should not come as a surprise that aviation underwriters "prefer" to insure pilots that are doing more than the minimum "legal" required recurrent training. We have the following suggestions....

TheMedallion Foundation has a THREE-STAR SAFETY PROGRAM for General Aviation.
Their office number is 907-222-3210 and the Airmanship Program manager isMike Pannone.
The focus areas are:

  • Personal Safety Program
  • Personal Flight Risk Management
  • Inadvertant IFR on planned VFR flights (using Medallion PCATDs)

The AOPA's Air Safety Foundation has on line Safety Seminars and Courses (Free of Charge)

KING SCHOOLS offers a DVD based course called "Practical Risk Management for Pilots".
Their telephone number is 800-854-1001

The FAA sponsors Safety Seminars thoughout our state. Make certain you obtain an attendance chit so you can get with our CFI for three hours of dual. This will qualify you for Phase I of the FAA's WINGS PILOT PROFICENCY PROGRAM (or the SEA WINGS PILOT PROFICENCY PROGRAM).

UNUSUAL ATTITUDES, LLC (Based at PAMR) has a Decathlon and specializes in exposing pilot to unusual attitudes and recovery techniques (907-230-9200). The Alaska State Troopers and the National Park Service are utilizing this training for their pilots.

You get the idea.... How much will this save on our next insurance renewal? That is unknown.... However if going this extra distance prevents one accident, death or injury WE ALL SAVE!

Mike Kardatzke
Aviation Insurance of Alaska, Inc.
P.O. Box 699
Soldotna, AK 99669-0699
Tel 907-260-4691
Fax 907-260-4692
Cel 907-398-8300 (0700-2000)

Yes the Medallion program is having an impact on GA ins....

However, "the pleasure" market undrs (LAU, USAIG & USSIC) have not decided to reduce a participating pilot's total annual premium by "X" per cent....

We do hear than Avemco has set a fixed reduction in their underwriting...

I'll send you another email with other elements....

Mike K

"They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."
- Benjamin Franklin

Sunset at 23:35

June 17th 2006 - Saturday
16 hour Repairman (LSA) Inspection-Airplane Course

16 hour Repairman (LSA) Inspection-Airplane Course

Rainbow Aviation Services from Corning, California is offering two 16 hour Repairman (LSA) Inspection-Airplane Courses in Anchorage the weekends before and after the solstice in June 17-18 and June 24-25.

Rainbow Aviation is looking for anyone who wants to take the 16 hour repairman's class the weekend of the 24-25 of June. The price is $399 for two days and you get an FAA Repairman's certificate. The second class will be for fixed wing, the first class is for weight shift.

FAA regulation ยง65.107 allows the owner of an Experimental Light-Sport Aircraft to earn a Repairman (LSA) Inspection rating by attending an FAA accepted course. Successful completion of the course allows you to perform the annual condition inspection on any Experimental-LSA airplane you own now or in the future.

Rainbow Aviation has applied for and received acceptance of this course ("workshop") in accordance with FAA Order 8000.84. The course is 16 hours in length starting on Saturday morning and ending on Sunday afternoon.

Sunset at 23:41

August 6th 2006 - Sunday 12:00 PM
Chapter Picnic

Where: Matt Freeman's hangar at Birchwood Airport

Sun Aug 6th - Noon - Chapter Picnic - at Matt Freeman's hangar at Birchwood Airport - Airplanes, Food, Live Music

Sunset at 22:22

September 6th 2006 - Wednesday 7:00 PM
Board Meeting

Where: Chuck May's House

On the agenda will be:

  • Our meetings for the rest of 2006.
  • The type of meetings (visiting projects), (videos) etc.
  • Update on the upcoming elections; no not for governor our officers.

Sunset at 20:48

September 28th 2006 - Thursday 7:00 PM
Chapter Meeting

Where: Gale Partch's House

September's meeting was at the home of our esteemed Vice President, Gale Partch.

Gale is building an RV-6 and installing a brand new Eggenfellner H-6 (6 cylinder) Subaru engine.

Sunset at 19:38

October 24th 2006 - Tuesday 7:00 PM
Chapter Meeting

Where: Rob Stapleton's place

Rob has a Pietenpol Aircamper project, is knows all about Sport Pilot stuff, flies a trike, is a great photographer, writer, and we've heard something about a trip to Russia. It is sure to be an interesting meeting.

Sunset at 18:18

November 13th 2006 - Monday
Check Your Trees!

Hello EAA'rs
I had a tree fall on my airplane yesterday SAD, SAD.
I am looking for a PA 20 wing so if any of you or your members have a rt wing please let me know.
Thanks David Machado 776-8233

Sunset at 16:24

November 28th 2006 - Tuesday 7:00 PM
Chapter Meeting

Where: UAA Aviation Center at Merrill Field

Tuesday Nov 28th - We had our Chapter Meeting at the UAA Aviation Center at Merrill Field.

Merrill Field Instruments brought over a bunch of state of the art instruments including some of the new multi-function displays!

Here are the results of the chapter elections:

  • President: Mike Luther
  • Vice President: Rob Stapleton
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Gene Bjornstad

Sunset at 15:54

December 9th 2006 - Saturday 12:30 PM

Where: Bear Tooth Theater

Sat and Sun Dec 9th & 10th 2006 - Bear Tooth Theater - 12:30 PM - Flyboys - The first World War 1 movie in 40 years!

Sunset at 15:42